Winding Roads

March 17, 2009
By Bethany Surrett SILVER, Heflin, Alabama
Bethany Surrett SILVER, Heflin, Alabama
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My whole body shaking and i don't have a clue
of how to find the right words, To even begin to get through to you
theres a chill that comes down my spine, in the late hours of the night
That no one else could give me,
or that could ever feel this right

i can see the city lights shining bright ahead
your my Heart's destination, where this winding road has always led
the words are written in red, So high up in the sky,
So close they almost touch the stars
and they keep playing in my head

i close my eyes and dream of you, the nights you held me close While our bodies were touching, and your fingers ran down my face so slow..
My eyes were gleaming when i saw you, For the first time since the summer and When i saw that smiling face, I knew it was over.

now i'm counting the days until i see, I see that face once more...
theres nothing that means more to me Than what was here before Your words still captavate me, and i'm left with no where to run
so once again, i'll close my eyes, and pray i see the rising sun

no one can undo what you have done to me, Only God knows the love that runs so deep That somehow stays true within me

i'm standing alone, while cars race by.. I'm wondering if it was ever real,
or was I just living a lie.
Theres no one in the world who could ever love you like me.
But I am just a lonely girl, who is seperated from you by seas And
The oceans, how they are great and wide.
and Oh, how they take my love away, off into the great unknown...
they carry you with their waves.

I am lost because I love you,
but I did not choose these feelings..
but They have chosen me.

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