The Squirrel

March 17, 2009
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In a park,
There was a squirrel
But unlike any other squirrel
He could FLY!
He flew from tree to tree
Picking nuts as he went
He even flew on top of people's heads.
One day he flew to the park pond
And spent time with the swans
Another day he popped a balloon as he was flying through
But on a day when the sun was shining
And the birds were singing
He flew too far out of the park
In fact, he flew into the CITY!
There were smoke and cars everywhere.
And buildings that seemed to touch the sky.
The little squirrel was scared.
The little squirrel was tired.
But he couldn't land!
Because there was no grass!
Or trees!
Or anything green!
And the little squirrel was sure the crowd would squish him
Or the cars would run him over!
So he flew on and on.
Till he saw another flying squirrel
As he flew closer and closer to ask for help
He hit the window.

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