Miles and Miles

March 16, 2009
His legs burn with pain,
he walks on.
'When will this end?' he thinks.
In the center of the paved road he walks,
bare, bleak, bald
landscape surrounding him.
Unreachable lights
sparkle on the dark horizon,
Laughter of a child reaches his ears,
he walks on.
Humming a weary song,
to the rhythm of his incessant walking feet.
Rain drops begin to fall all around,
drip, drop, drip, drop.
He looks up,
the road seems to never end,
his sight can't penetrate the sheets of rain and the darkness,
and yet,
he walks on.
the clouds begin to part,
and midnight changes to twilight,
he walks on.
Night is turning into day before his eyes,
and the sun is rising directly in front of him,
he walks on.
A lone silhouette reaches his eyes,
he walks on.
The outline of a blurred figure creeping closer
with every stride,
he walks on.
Now, the figure is right in front of him,
he stops.
It says, 'The road of loneliness has ended,
and though you seem alone,
every person on earth,
has walked this road.'

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