Letter to my nemesis: Society

March 23, 2017

Dear Society,

You are the unfavorable, with your high beauty standards
You emphasize on physical appearance
You tear people down any chance you get
You let people in high powered positions get away with everything
You are like a cloak that engulfs anything or anyone it can
Tearing away at us until we become these brainless robots
People are dying everyday in Syria, but all you care about is what Kendall Jenner wore today
You only let one percenters run for president because they’re the only ones who can afford it      
You let money and lobbyists have far too much influence in politics.
You bash and mock other people's belief systems and personal lifestyles       
You present us with biased views and stereotypes   
The media’s obsession with only reporting on abrogating
things that are going on in this world  
If you chose to do nothing you become part of the problem
You punish people who shouldn't be punished
  But you don't punish people who should be 
But, the thing is, we complain about how bad society is
when in reality, we are society

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