Lullabies and Whispering Skies

March 16, 2009
By sidewayspants SILVER, Pocahontas, Arkansas
sidewayspants SILVER, Pocahontas, Arkansas
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1: Sleep
Far off in the distance,
Miles and miles into the sky
There's a star that whispers to you
'Hush, my love, and close your eyes.'
I cannot read you a story.
I cannot rock your bed.
But I can softly sing to you
As the pillow holds your head.
So sleep, dream, and fantasize '
Do whatever you may.
But awake, you will not be
Until we reach another day.

2: Dream of him
As your eyes are closed
And your breaths retain a beat,
Think of the one you love
(I just hope that one is me!)
See his face and feel his touch,
Hold him, kiss him, too.
Know that he will be the one
To sing these lullabies to you.
Hold his hand, feel his skin,
Wrap yourself in his love.
And when you hear his voice,
You're the one he'll be singing of.

3: Tell him your secrets
I'll bring my ear to your lips
And you will whisper to me '
Tell me everything you want
And everything you need.
Tell me your desires,
Let me know your dreams.
I want to know who you are,
I need to know everything.
Would you let me know you
If I promised not to tell?
Open up to me, my love
And your secrets will be mine as well.

4: Sing to him, too
When you awake,
And my time has come,
My sleep will have no dreams
If I hear no songs from my love.
But while I slumber, my dear,
Sing no sad songs for me.
Just sing straight from your heart
While you swim in my fantasy.
Take my hand and hold me
As forever we will fly
Together into dreamland
Across the whispering skies.

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