The Air I Breathe

March 22, 2017
The air I breathe is so deep, I cannot see.
I feel nothing as I walk through this mist of my brain.
My mouth utters words, but my brain is unheard.
My conscience says one thing, yet my heart says another,
My thoughts have one opinion yet they choose not to say,
My body claims that it will never work the same.
The adrenaline flows as time goes by,
To think of me, thy thoughts must have advice.
Time gets dark as I go through the clouds,
My Life gets deeper as I stray abound,
Life just seems like a daydream,
Dear Me, what about deceit?
My air gets thicker as I keep going,
To the key to my heart which my brain keeps throwing.
Thy thoughts seem to be different right?
You don't have to worry, you can sleep at night.
My brain keeps churning random thoughts,
As if there connected to a mystery, with me not knowing.
As if my life is a giant safe,
As if the thoughts of my brain are a mistake.
Maybe I just think to much,
Focus too much on my brain and not my guts.
Don't pray enough, don't stay enough,
Don't see the real fight,
This figurative mist has engulfed the
"Get out of your thoughts,he said to me
"Consience?" I asked quickly.
Yes it's me, telling you this
You know me like the back of your wrist.
Don't get confused, don't look back,
It will take a while to get life on track.
My prayers are with you, my advice is known,
But remember this as I vanish and go,
Do not give in to the sad thoughts of the brain,
Because they mean nothing, their all insane.
Do not get mixed up in thy thoughts,
For they cannot disappear and become dust,
Just keep your head up and hold up fast,
You will not give up, you will pass the blast!
This time life is with you, do not let your thoughts define you.
You will not be decieved, you will not be left,
In this mist that has turned west,
So do not turn back and look around,
Be grateful with what you have now,
As you come back in ready for a fight,
You will be able to sleep through the night.
As the time draws near for them to know,
That your more than a spirit and not a ghost,
You will be fine, as you try to find the amazing finish line.

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