Earth Rise

March 16, 2009
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The step off of the ladder is not just a simple step
It represents the unity of the world behind
The Earth is now just a distant memory
Our dreams now lay before our eyes.

The surroundings are extreme darkness
Filling one with loneliness beyond comprehension
Yet, still the most beautiful sight in the universe
A new light is rising over the vast mountains.

Mother Earth peers her gazing eyes over the peaks
Examining the previously vacant celestial body
Now a hospitable host to her children
This is exploration to the highest intensity.

The surface below our lithe step
Is of unfamiliar origin
The footprints are the first of its kind
The world has changed as we know it

The surface now, is not only gray
It now contains red, white, and blue
President Kennedy's challenge is now fulfilled
We have landed on the moon.

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