The perfect moment

March 22, 2017
By Daniel Roderick BRONZE, Whittier, California
Daniel Roderick BRONZE, Whittier, California
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I looked up again, Maybe for the thousandth time. And there she was. Still there. Still beautiful. Still perfect. My eyes drank her up with an unquenchable thirst. From her dainty feet up to her dark chocolate eyes, and back down to her soft, perfect, pink lips. My eyes hesitate here, on her lips. Her perfect smile. It's barely visible from the way she's sitting. One perfect leg crossed over the other, perfect hands in her perfect lap, and her head bowed slightly . I notice how her long perfect hair covers most of her face like a curtain. She's talking I can hear her perfect voice but can't make out the words, probably something perfect, I'm too preoccupied with how she looks or rather how she looked. She said something that causes her to laugh. Her head begins to bow further, her perfect hand moves to her mouth, down falls the perfect curtain. Now that she's hidden away from my eyes in her own world behind her hair, time seems to speed up to a normal pace I didn't notice it before but every thing Had been moving in slow motion. The moment now over, alive only in my mind.

The author's comments:

She is an angel sent to me from God... what could I say to something so perfect?

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