The Men in Ships Who Come From Far Away

March 16, 2009
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Dragon's flame

sword's steel,
are the men
in ships
who come from far away.
Their gods mark the days.
Fearless are the men
who come in ships
from far away.
Power hungry,
treasure hungry,
land grabbers,
from far away.
Deadly are these men
from far away.
Mighty ships
from far away
strike fear
in the hearts
of men here
do stay,
for they know
in the ships
ride the men
from far away.
They come to plunder
and burn
to destroy
all that they do not take,
these men from far away.
far away,
these barbarians are pushed.
Far away
from the people
and lands,
they shall conquer
and plunder no more.
The men
from far away
shall face God's
wrath alone.
The men
from far away
wither away
as the dragon's flame
flares out.

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