Moving On

March 16, 2009
By zomgkellie BRONZE, Clarion, Pennsylvania
zomgkellie BRONZE, Clarion, Pennsylvania
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be willing to give the effort that separates the winner from the one in second place.

sometimes, things change,
but not for the
although things were once
good, they can't
always stay that

people change, as do
their feelings.
alliances shift,
a new match is made.

but it's hard to let go.
even when you
really aren't
holding onto
it's hard to know
they're not the same
person they once

and it's hard to realize
they won't laugh
and joke with you
but with her.
the one who has
it all.
it just doesn't seem fair.

and of course, you
have to be a
good friend,
you have to be
because really,
he was never
yours to begin with.

and you can't
complain, because
it was your decision
to make this happen.
you nudged them
in that

you can't let them
know that
every time you
see them together,
you die a little

but this has all
happened before.
doesn't it
it doesn't seem
that some people
get everything.

right now, it's
painful, but
as time goes by,
you will forget
about him,
about her,
about them.
it will all
melt together,
like a lake,
and simply
evaporate away.

The author's comments:
Hopefully when people read this, they can see sometimes it's better just to forget things & move on with your life.

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