The Cardinal

March 20, 2017
By , Columbia, NJ

The wicked wind knocked on the cabin, which sat on the mountain side.
A little cabin in the woods, isolated and camouflaged by the trees.
Tears strolling down her face, hiding in her  gloomy blue room.
Lonely and empty from his absence, pressed her chest tight to her knees.
The cold air slapped her skin, her throat tightening as she breathes.
He was taken by the seas.

Dressed in black head to toe, headstones spread out far and wide.
Her mother standing right by her, in a field that’s dark and foggy.
A scarlet red blur soared by, so quickly past in a zoom.
The creatures eyes locked with hers, whispering and murmuring in the breeze.
When she returned back to her room, had her rock music blaring like angry armies.
He was taken by the seas.

She visits his bed every day, never wanted to leave her father’s side.
A chirping coming from a tree, the cardinal almost hidden by its leaves.
Gently landing at her feet, admired the girl and all her beauty.
The bird stepped closer to the sitting girl, placing in her hand a set of keys.
The familiar keys sat in her hand, they opened the gate to her father's properties.
He was taken by the seas.

The sun shining bright through the clouds, flowers standing high with lots of pride.
  Keys jingling softly in her clutch, the melody bringing back lots of memories.
She took a deep breath and let her hair down, maybe after all she didn't hate this town.
Leaving the girl the creature flew off, gliding through the sky with the bees.
She stood up tall and took a step, towards the grand gate of the hometown cemetery.
Her pain was taken with the breeze.


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