By the Sea

March 20, 2017
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Clouds passing, waves crashing, one friendship forever lasting
Two girls sprightly and carefree, two girls merry as can be
We look across the endless blue; we take in the magnificent view
A shared look with eyes of glee, and a secret smile between her and me
My hand in hers and then we’re free, running, splashing in the sea
Laughing, dancing, by the sea

One shadow out at bay, one shadow here to stay          
Two oblivious girls who can’t see, that single figure oversea
With eyes and feathers black as night, quick as a flash it went aflight
One look down and it does see, two girls happy as can be
It looks not at me, but at she, then just as swift it goes to flee
Watching, following, by the sea

Years pass and time unfolds, with clues to what the future holds
Just her and me, us, and we, but something darker came to be
For deep inside down in her heart, a plague to tear one’s joy apart
A sickness came so silently, a sickness that would destroy she
It came and took her sneakily, away from “us” now it’s just me
Grieving, weeping, by the sea

To lose a love and one’s soul, to never be another whole
Wandering around aimlessly, back to our spot by the sea
In the midst of sea and sand, there we stand hand in hand
That is what I’ll always see, but now it’s just a memory
I want it back so desperately, but never again will it be
Reminiscing by the sea

Something’s wrong, somethings near, but there’s no sound for me to hear
I feel her spirit surround me, and shadow following soundlessly
One life taken by an unheard, one life by one black bird
I feel its watching eyes on me; I turn and gasp at what I see
In its eyes it’s her and me, once again so happily
Laughing, dancing, by the sea

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