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March 20, 2017

An Inauguration Trilogy

Friday, January 20, 2017
Washington, D.C.
8:00 AM EST

We walked through the National Zoo - a fitting place,
Dodging inauguration ceremonies,
Wasting time with many other time wasters, avoiding.
Many animals can't live outside in 40 degrees,
Can we?
The weather mirrored the crowd’s emotions -
Gloomy and wet
A reality star as president, really?
I see no progression, just regression -
Gloomy and wet

Saturday, January 21, 2017
Washington, D.C.
4:00 AM EST

Too, too early.  Gotta beat the crowds.
Even the train was excited with loud travelers. 
The day would not be boring for sure. 
Signs everywhere - mine would say,
“Guns Against Grizzlies?”
From L.A. to Chicago they came
To protest Trump’s regime.
Low light at 7 AM
Lit the faces and guns of the Guardsmen,
There to serve and protect. 
We huddle and wait until the march begins. -
Six or so hours until the sea of marchers
Surges toward the White House to answer,
“What does democracy look like?”

Saturday, January 21, 2017
Washington, D.C.
2:00 PM EST

Movement, finally,
Toward an uncertain future.
Certain only that people only cared about
Social policy, equality, fairness and truth.
Half a million citizens outside the people’s house,.
Roaring and shouting.
Can he hear us?
Does he care?




The Forty-Fifth

Went to Washington for the Inauguration.
Wrong person getting the adoration.
Gloomy and wet, cold and dark,
This will be no walk in the park.
Should be a day filled with sun,
Instead less satisfying and no fun.
Immoral, prejudiced, unqualified, and mean,
I shouldn’t have to be led by such a being.
Most of the people voted against
A reality star for president.


New Reality

News intrigues me.
Last August it was just the election.,
Now it’s real.

Protests everywhere
Ponderous, massive, confusing: eElectric.
People care.

Trump-Spicer-Conway speak “aAlternative fFacts.”
Interviewers need researchers in earpiece:  tTruth.

Fox “pets” Trump: “Good Boy.”
Flatters with “fFake nNews.”
Rickety future.


*Russian for “Leader.”

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