Shattered Reflection of a Generation

March 20, 2017
Like the painted leaves of Autumn,
her eyes shined
Glimmering in a whirl of antisocial butterflies called liberals
she was
An extroverted introvert streaming against the crowd of mainstreamers
in a city of look alikes, a city of similar faces
all with the same cases
of nostalgic free falling
freely dancing down the allies they call isles
Singing songs about their heartbreak and
Writing terrible poems
About their colliding souls against the lust they unwillingly breathe in
They read in the rain because they heard it'll cover up the pain
They call themselves angsty teenage Queens
But I bet you they couldn't quote a song by Queen
The teenage dreams that don't dance
But can put you in a trance with the way they talk
The fifteen year old birds singing songs about living on old power lines because it's retro
Hanging out in abandoned buildings thinking about whoever used to occupy that space, mourning them like a wake
Bringing their friends back to hangout for the funeral
They draw in the dust they call ashes and use it as inspiration for a poem about the deeper meaning of salvation
Make a metaphor about the cremation of their aspirations
Hiding despair behind eyeliner and Kylie Jenner
Because these young artists of society don't know about Van Gogh
They just make you wanna cut off your ear listening to their swears about last night's nightmare because
they finally watched Stranger Things and you just wanna put them in daycare because at fifteen, they don't even know who Voltaire is
You're worried they're getting drugs out of nowhere
Smoking toxic air
They're just focused on vanity fair

So we pray
We pray for the unguided misfits that hide under bridges
We pray for the lost potential beneath the piles of leaves their parents make them rake up
We pray for the ones that don't wanna wake up
Because we were fortunate enough to figure it out without watching Ghost Hunters to learn about the historical relevance of that abandoned building
We drink coffee to keep us awake, not to take a picture of
We write poetry to keep us sane, not to look mysterious
We pray for the ones who live a life based on reasons I cannot understand

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