Broken Crowds

March 20, 2017

Assembling like hundreds of pieces from different puzzles trying to make the outline of a picture
Our edges hold the difference
We're trying to prove that we're more significant than black licorice
So some of us write limericks
Some of us play sports
Some of us don't do much at all
Some of us can't recall what we did an hour ago
We're all so different like this although we share one thing
Nobody fits into this 4 year shell we call school
No one can help but feel like they're stopped at a yellow light
Nothing really feels right
Awake at midnight worried about their title
Something they feel is just so vital
We’re labeled with name tags that say more than "hello my name is..."
We're all just wannabes
If we're caught staring at the stars, we're told that we're having an indie moment waiting for someone to take the candid pic
But then we’re selfish for making online memoirs
We’re not cool if we don’t hangout in bars
but I don’t wanna hangout in bars, I wanna hangout under the stars on the top of a parking garage and have an indie moment
We’re told to be quiet about our ideals
so we’re standing on our heels
because it appeals to the younger generation but not theirs
School can get tough when there are more social guidelines than homework guidelines
Although you could argue the other side…
so I will - students- don’t forget the citation
don’t you lose concentration
don’t start with your frustration
remember if you use quotation, you must do the notation
and if your teacher doesn’t understand your paper,
don’t take a stand about it
in fact, they’ll ask you to sit down and make some sort of translation
don’t make an accusation
Because the teacher is never wrong
just follow every rule
and you too can be good in school
but remember kids, your education is your own creation

Stay focused on this as you worry about what group you fit into
because you’re labeled as an emo although you know you’re more in the flow which could make you more punk rock
But you talk a lot and kind of think of yourself as a jock but you also like to stalk online so maybe you're more of a techie kid?? But you like to get wrecked so maybe you're a party kid? But you're not that direct of a person so I guess you could call yourself a disconnected intellectually advanced academically enhanced individual
But you don't answer questions out loud to the class so maybe you're an outcast because you contrast with every single label a school could have
That would make us all outcasts though
So I wonder, what do we consider an outcast here?
Is it someone that listens to a different type of music?
Someone that hangs out with the different crowd on Saturday nights?
Someone that bounces back and forth into every social group?
Because I don’t know about you, but i'm the type of person that has the time of my life at a Denny's diner
I party in parking lots, I get wrecked while drinking water, I dance to Daryll Hall & John Oates, I make plans during the middle of the night to watch movies, I don’t fit into a crowd so… I made my own crowd
the crowd that finds comfort in rap songs
Finds hope in the stars- if we’re feelin a little indie
Looks for metaphors in our shoelaces
Makes jokes about that one movie you love but nobody's ever seen
Finds happiness in text messages
Gets overly excessive when we talk about our day
We talk about our day like it’s the best story anyone will ever hear
Even if the only thing we did that day was go to walmart
Have the time of our lives in a Denny's diner
Get lit listening to David Bowie
the only ones wearing red converse while everyone else wears white
the only ones dancing
We’re the first ones to clap
The last ones to sit down
We’re the ones that might get good grades, but you would never know
because for us, a gpa isn’t for show

My crowd never has to deal with peer pressure because all of our peers are just as weird as your school's outcasts

We give light to our own shadows

We swing dance in the rain because we don’t have much better to do

We put on our left shoe before our right

We believe in a god that will party with us when we’re feeling low

We probably have it together a lot better than most of you anti-social butterflies out there

But sometimes we need help recognizing our own reflection, sometimes we play hide and go seek with our feelings, and sometimes we wake up in the bathtub
Because we're broken
We're just about as important as a chuckie cheese golden token
We're all so broken
We’re all just trying to get somewhere

Poets- Listen up - We're rhyming our way to find a reason to write
Outcasts- We're trying to get it right
Smart kids- We're trying to prove that we're not all uptight
Cheerleaders- We're not just a stereotype
Theatre kids- We're doing our own thing
Artists- We're drawing up our own textbook that we call a sketch book
Athletes- It’s not always about the scholarship
Teachers- listen to the poetry your students speak, it’s not always this loud

Anti-social butterflies- make your own crowd

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem to read in front of my entire high school at the beginning of my sophomore year. I wrote it because my school has cliques and groups, but not as bad as most schools and of that I am proud.

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