I am Intuitive and Aware

March 20, 2017

I am intuitive and self aware.
I wonder why we self justify our own minds even though a thought can never be wrong.
I hear buzzing, consecutively making me doze off.
I see colors of vibrant greens and yellows grow, fade and die.
I want genuine clarity for all those self aware.
I am intuitive and self aware.

I pretend I am of lower intelligence to make small talk.
I feel stuck between a hazy line of reality and consciousness.
I touch the skin of the one who looks at me as if I’m the person I so desire to be.
I worry I might fail this “one” and even more so, myself, again.
I cry for the thought of my own self criticism.
I am intuitive and self aware.

I understand the fundamentals of genuine happiness, and psychological organization.
I say I am strong but I know every mind is fallable and full of fear.
I dream that psychological understanding will be an artform.
I try to stay consistently happy and of a clear mind.
I hope I forever find beauty in my own mind and of others.
I am intuitive and self aware.

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