Winters bliss

March 20, 2017
By ,
The excitement beating through my bones

The blissful snowflakes hits my Cheek

Within the small frost bite kisses the feeling of warmth vanishes

Standing out onto the cold depths of regretful snow

The toasty fire hasn't feltt better

Flickers of heat touches my frozen fingertips

Gathering the last warm memory I have to hold on

The twinkle snow turned into the deadly blizzard

Each step taken goes

Deeper and deeper

Into the hollowness of its Icey heart

Hopefulness rises

Maybe after all the madness comes a miracle y

Praying to our snow angles

Blessed with clear freckles of snowflakes

The blizzard had disappear from the suns glory

we won we won

May the sunlight kiss upon everyone's face

For we won the heart

of the warmest creature

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