March 20, 2017
By Yannamarsmiley SILVER, Miami, Florida
Yannamarsmiley SILVER, Miami, Florida
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A book with no words, shoes with no soles,
I know how it feels,
-not really-
A person with no emotion
Something so uncommon?
I. Think. Not.
What even is that?
You cry when you're sad,
You smile when you're happy,
But...emotions. ARE. Confusing!
They're frustrating! Irritating!
"Why don't you say I love you back?"
"Why have I never seen you cry?"
If I had a dime...for every.single.time I heard that question, I would have enough money to buy myself a couple of tears that I could lazily drop on my cheeks to "express some emotion"
How could you possibly know what I'm feeling?
What goes on inside my mind?
Why MUST I tell you?
What makes you SO entitled to what is rightfully mine?
Little movements of the mouth and eyes,
Sometimes they're filled with nothing but lies!
A fake friend smiles just as brightly as a boyfriend cheating behind your back!
So tell me,
Who's more scary?
"A young girl that smiles so little couldn't possibly be happy!"
You're right. I'm not (I guess). So how about you?
Are you happy? Have you fulfilled all your dreams? Do you even know what happiness truly means?
How about sadness? When's the last time you cried? What did you cry for?
Is it as fun when YOU are the one being questioned?
"I know you want to cry!"
But how could it possibly tell? If all my face apparently says is that I feel numb?!
You don't know what I want, you don't know what I'm feeling!
Some actions can be so misleading!
Just because I'm not crying does not mean I'm not sad,
And just because I've smiled does not mean I'm not scared!
Scared to trust and feel,
Scared to show something that's actually real!
Scared to let someone in, and show them I CAN feel.
I've cut open my chest,
Here's my heart,
You can use my blood to pain some "emotional" art,
Here's my tears, you can drink them,
They'll taste just fine!
Take my soul if you want,
Cus apparently it's not mine.
My emotions aren't mine.
My mind isn't.
I can't have anything to myself in a world like this.
A world painted with sad drama and shared secrets.
It's no wonder I'm so different.
Everyone has been poisoned And tricked into thinking,
That if you show no emotion you must be sinking,
In some sad and lonely emptiness that only other people can fill.
But the world we live in isn't a pretty place,
I could paint a huge smile right on my face, but still die inside
And I don’t know why people would rather me die
Acting as if I've lived a happy life,
But still, they tease and they look disgusted at the fact
That I don't have to go behind someone's back
To express the truth,
It's right on my face!
The reason why it's so flat?
I have no time to chase fake smiles and tears
I'd rather be real
And if that means my expressionless face ruins your day
It's no big deal.

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