Im Alive

March 16, 2009
Facing the world is like facing your fears
Sometimes waking up is your biggest obstacle
It's what your afraid of you don't want to wake up
People tell you not to fear because you have so much
Potential your better yourself instead of facing the world like a
Musical and sometimes there's a reason to wake up

Sometimes I get tiered of banging my head on the pellow not wanting
To wake up or better yet walking and running up the street because im afraid of what's next
But from my past I cante let him pay his mistakes I have to look forward even though im afraid

And sometimes I wonder should I wake up? or no? Because what if I have bad dream
That come true remember I told him I don't want to relive Halloween I want to look in the mirror and 4gett about the monsters and goblins who stabbed me

But im scared because its like every time I turn around im facing
Someone who's not worth it not worth my tears
Nor my anger but im glad I have someone to wipe away the sadness
That brings me to ease and even though I have people beside me
They could never be better than the person next to me

It's like I found the reason to smile I cante say he's the best thing that
Has happened to me but he's worth while
He's the better side of me
He's the other half of me that sometimes I wish I was
He's the reason why I walk and get up to go to school
For the first time I found someone that can turn my frown upside
Down because of him I found a reason to wake up instead of suffocating my head into
A pellow I found out its okay to breath

And now I know I can relive the Halloween from my past because
It's made me stronger and so has he I found a reason to wake up
And walk without a grudge on my side
Now I can say hello my name is Gabriela and no matter what happends
Ill always be alive.

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