Taking The Reings

March 20, 2017

Secluded away in my room,
chained to my desk;
incapable of freedom
from this never ending sentence.
Dreadfully lugging out my textbooks.
Like clockwork,
I sign my life away daily.
Desk cluttered,
mind running rampant,
attempting to study the same material all week.
Cramming to comprehend.
Frustration getting the best of me.
Often questioning myself,
why am I wasting my precious time
on school?
I’m old enough;
legally, I’m my own guardian.

Finally eighteen,
living life at my own discretion.
Why am I wasting my time with school?
College is a certain death trap:
substantial debt, excruciating exams,
inevitable failure.
I don’t need this constant
crushing stress, struggle, and unbearable agony.
I do not need a degree.
I will excel, I will make the most of my life.
I promise.

There are plenty of jobs available.
Straight into the working field I’ll go.
I will work two jobs,
I will support myself .
Concerned about myself and only myself.
Manual labor will be my chosen path.
Constantly tired and aching,
living paycheck to paycheck.
So what?
No college debt;
especially not just for
a piece of paper.

At the end of the day,
was it really worth the sacrifice?
All of the shortcuts taken,
knowledge potentially scrapped,
life experiences missing.
That is not the way to live life.
Being financially unstable.
Constantly working for each breath,
yet never a moment to relax.
The stress bearing too much weight.

Such a surreal dream.
What was I thinking?
I can’t take the easy way out.
I should,
no, I have to stay determined.
Aspirations in mind,
I regain my sanity.
That is truly
the only sensible option.
I have to supply the motivation and perseverance
that I need to excel me through my career.
I must strive to remain independent.
At the end of the day, all I have is myself.
Chaining myself back to my desk,
entering isolation once more,
my future and ambitions are on the line.
Driven by determination,
there’s no other sensible option.
I will succeed.

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