I Don't Need Medication; I'm Just Tired

March 19, 2017
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Wake up from your dream of falling asleep; turn the light on, debating if it was actually a dream; wake your sister up, because the first four alarms she set didn’t; wake your father up; wake your father up again; wake your father up again; wait for the mayhem to begin; start your day thinking of how you can become an unselfish child; start the coffee, ten cups enough for two people; don’t talk to your father until he has had his first cup of coffee; dear lord don’t wake up your grandmother; go to school for seven hours; don’t be late you can’t miss out on mathtastic art; watch the snow fall outside and wonder why it fell at the exact moment you were watching, this thought will boggle your mind for the rest of the day; don’t fall asleep while in psychology; you might miss out on an important coloring activity; walk on the right side of the hallway; don’t look around; don’t look up; definitely don’t look down; while deciding where to look rack your brain about how you can become an unselfish child; don’t talk to anyone, friendship takes too much time; just stand there in gym; trying is a sign of weakness, and you should expect to be preyed upon; walk a mile to your car because since you sit in school all day they have to give you exercise somehow; drive straight home; don’t look around cautiously for deer like your father told you; the idea of sleeping in a hospital bed all day is too enticing; distract yourself by thinking about ways of becoming an unselfish child; take your grandma to the doctors; listen to your grandma bad mouth her former friends; listen to your grandma bad mouth her sisters; listen to your grandma bad mouth you; listen to the receptionist; listen to the nurse; listen to the doctor; don’t make suggestions to try to help, you are wrong; pay for lunch for your grandma out of your own pocket; the abundance of food you have at home isn’t good enough; ponder the ways you can become an unselfish child; pick up your sister from school; she is too good to ride the bus; run to the store to buy fettucine noodles, chicken, and parmesan; your sister will sit in the car, her day was too tiring; stand in line because you would like some friendly human interaction; tell the cashier how you plan to become an unselfish child; listen to her tell you that it is a privilege to come home and make your family dinner; But I am only a child; cook dinner; not any dinner, a great dinner; anything less than delectable is unacceptable and will be complained about; clean up after dinner; clean up the kitchen; clean up the living room; pick up the plates your grandma uses to feed the dog, wash them; always check under the couch, there are at least four plates hiding there; do your daily dose of laundry; think about folding yourself into the sheets; it’s warm and cozy; and quiet; find a moment and a half to work on homework; between math problems find backup plans of how you can become an unselfish child; while annotating a poem decide to think of your life as a literary analogy so it can seem more beautiful; fetch father a pepsi; fetch father the remote; fetch father a couch cushion; listen to your father tell you about his easy day at work; I never have a moment to rest; take out the garbage; wear your boots because they are easy to slip off as you roll into bed; fall asleep instantly dreaming of ways you can become an unselfish child.

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