People and time

March 19, 2017
You hear the "drip" from the rain,
You thinks about what is and what is to gain.
Everything is still,
There is not even a chill.
Time trudges on,
Before you know it everything is gone.
The sun still shines,
Which gives people the false allusion that everything is fine.
The leaves still fall,
The wind can still squall.
Weather and time are constants in life,
Which move along with the sound fife.
Every person has hopes and dreams,
And everyone wishes to have lives full of beams.
Most people have imagined a life which displays optimism,
A life with faith and some sort of chrism.
Some people are resigned,
And some people become so intertwined.
No mater what you see and what you hear,
No matter if you are open or build up weirs.
People are all unique,
And time is bleak.

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