No Longer Human

March 16, 2009
By Akieko94 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Akieko94 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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I've given up my Humanity

I've lost how everything feels

I no longer feel heat or cold

I can no longer feel pain,

It's not apart of my circuitry

You can bash my brain

Push me from a building

Throw me in front of a truck and watch me

Hop right back up.

No more blood pumps through my veins

My lively lungs, turned to ones of iron

My stomach that once craved, no

Need food- practically isn't there.

My human vision increased beyond compare

My hearing is super sonic

The nerves that use to run through me were all right

But now I am like a super hero

My bones have been replaced with metal

The firm tissue underneath no longer there

My own beautiful skin, gives of no heat, no nothing

Just there to hold everything in within me

Tough as nails, unable to bruise

I am all most invincible

My brain is no longer that

Half and half- a computer Frankenstein

I know longer have learn the simple things.

For with a blink of an eye I have it.

A super computer

I miss my emotions that was apart

Of my everyday life

Love and happiness, hate, content even sadness

Are all gone, it's like I'm dead

My body is hard to understand

How much pressure to apply

How to hold a simple pen, so not to break it in two

How to hug someone without hurting them'

It's all a mystery to me.

I've given up my humanity

In fact every part that makes me'.Human.

What am I now then just another machine?

Manufactured and created by humans.

Is this better than death?

Was this the alternative'..

To keeping me alive

The author's comments:
Well , I wrote this a while mind drifting off to sci-fi and fantasy. So me being big on poetry wrote this. So yeah.

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