Writing Asunder

March 16, 2009
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A pen on paper, pressed to create inky wonders
Worlds of lore and beauty, fear and tragic death
You, an author tell a story

'No!' they cry, you can't, you won't
But persevere you must because, you're strength
Embody power and maybe idealist na'vet'

But keep on now, that pen to paper
Write a teardrop in the eye of nations
Break a heart or two

Inspire desire, and scritch, scratch fire

'No!' they say now, louder stronger 'No!'
Because you're rebellious and you think you can be anything
When they say you must be one thing

Write about oppression, chains of corporate America
Hindering glances of mom and dad's and Harvard alumni

Pen to paper once again, and tell about you and freedom and love
About all things textual, musical words of pages of life melody

'No, you won't!' One final scream, breaking you
You snap your pen in half and ink bleeds out of your heart
Staining your art with crushed dreams

Weeping tears of frustration, scream it loud
I'm proud, so proud to hold my pen to milky paper
Write a world, and erase death, disease

Saw of chains with Bic # 2, and let them scream with silent voices
'No!' you can't, but yes you can because you bleed art
and they just keep cutting you

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