The Worried

March 16, 2017
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She showed up at his door, soaking wet, bruised, and covered in glitter.  Ben let Maria in and asked her immediately what had happen to her.  She stood there in silence.  Ben asked her once more.  Before Maria could reply, he noticed that she smelled like alcohol.  Not only did her breath smell of alcohol, her whole body did!  Ben asked her if she went to some sort of party.  “That would make sense” Ben thought to himself.  He just doesn’t understand why she’s completely soaked in alcohol.  He notices the bruise on her left arm.  Ben gently touches the bruise to see if it would hurt her.  She wasn’t reacting at all, even after Ben poking it a million times.  Ben asked her about the bruise.  Maria claims that she was dancing on a table at a club and slipped as she was doing so.  She also said as she fell, the table flipped on its sides and she hit her arm on the edge.  Ben is relieved that it wasn’t something too serious, such as her getting into a fight.
Now, the one thing Ben can’t wrap around his head. Is the reason why she’s covered in glitter.  “Can you explain why you’re covered in glitter from head to toe?” Ben asked.  Maria tells him that she passed out at the club and woke up like that.  After asking her a couple more questions about what she did at the club; he took her upstairs to put her in bed and watched as she fell fast asleep.

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