Continual Condition

March 16, 2017
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It was a late Thursday night.  Thomi was in his room fast asleep and his parents were in their room sleeping as well.  Thomi’s room is across the hall from his parents.  He suddenly awoke to his mother screaming.  He quickly got out of bed and ran to their room.  Thomi opened the door and came to a horrific scene.  His father was bleeding large quantities of blood from the side of his stomach.  “What happened to my father?!” Thomi asked.  “Somebody came into our room and stabbed your father!” she replied.  “Did you get a glimpse of the person’s face?” Thomi asked.  “You’re looking at her right now, Thomi.”  she replied.  “What are you talking about, mother?” Thomi asked.  “I’m saying that I stabbed your father and you’re next.” she said.  “STOP FOOLING AROUND! THIS ISN’T FUNNY!” Thomi shouted.  Thomi’s mother stood up and pulled a knife from under her shirt.  Thomi ran out of the room as fast as he could, while slamming the door behind him.  He ran downstairs into the kitchen and  hid in the cabinets underneath the sink.  As time flew by; all Thomi could hear was his mother screaming his name frantically.  A couple of minutes passed and he no longer heard his mother’s eerie screams.  He slightly opened the cabinet to see if his mother was nearby.  He peered around the kitchen.  No sign of his mother.  “Should I make a run for it?” Thomi asked himself.  As he was making his decision, he heard the floorboard creak in the living room.  Thomi closed the cabinet as quietly as he could.  A few more minutes went by as Thomi hid in the cabinet.  His nose was feeling a bit tingly.  Thomi knew he was about to sneeze.  “Now is not the time.” Thomi thought to himself.  He couldn’t hold it any longer and sneezed loudly.  Thomi decided to book it, because his mother most likely knows his location by now.  Thomi ran towards the front door.  “Thomi?” she asked quietly.  He turned around and saw his mother on the staircase.  He unlocked the door and went to his friends house, Billy.  He took a quick glance behind him to see if his mother was chasing after him.  She wasn’t.  Thomi arrived at Billy’s house and furiously knocked on the door, while ringing the doorbell.  Billy’s mother opened the door.  “What are you doing here at this hour, Thomi?” Billy’s mother asked.  “My mother! She’s gone mad!” Thomi replied.  “Thomi.” she said.  “Yes?” Thomi asked.  “Look behind you.” she replied.  Thomi turned around and didn’t see anything behind him.  He turned back around to Billy’s mother, but instead of seeing her, he saw his mother standing right in front of him.  Thomi screamed, then he awoke once more.  “It was all a dream?” Thomi said to himself.  He got out of his bed and went to his parent’s room.  They were both asleep.  “Even though it was just a dream, it felt way too real.” Thomi thought to himself.  “Thomi…” a voice whispered behind him.  “Please tell me I’m still dreaming?” Thomi asked himself.

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