March 18, 2017
By duzzi787 BRONZE, Blairstown, New Jersey
duzzi787 BRONZE, Blairstown, New Jersey
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A paragraph of my love will never be enough

Finding the right words is just way too tough

I'll search and I'll search, for the ways to show

I'll try my very best so that you truly know

I can give you words, paragraphs, and rhyme

But what I really want to give you is my time

In time I'll give you every last breath

In time I'll show my heart never rests

In time I'll give you body and soul

In time I'll make your entire world whole

In time I'll prove my love to you

In time I'll make it just us two

So come to me now with everything you've got

I've written this poem, after much thought

But have figured this is at least a decent start

To a beginning, without an end, of us never torn apart

So here are my words, I hope they're enough

Love isn't hard, but finding words is tough

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