Best of Freinds

March 16, 2009
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Best friends will always be there for you,
They will never be a backstabber,
Never be one to ditch you for someone else.
And they will always be your right hand man.
But when they all of a sudden disappear,
It's like your whole life has come crashing down.
Like you've just lost a beloved family member,
Or your cat just died.
But once they're gone,
I guess you start to see all of the things you did wrong:
Ditching her for someone else,
Being a backstabber,
And not always being there for her.
You just want to spend every moment with her,
Making up for lost times.
Like when you were on vacation to some place,
And you left her all alone with no one to hang out with,
Or call, or to do anything with!
You just want to be together and be the best of friends,
Just like you were when you first met,
And you both were little kids wanting to just run around all day
And just simply play.
When you're having trouble at home, they're the first person you call,
And they have one of their parents come and get you.
These are just the good and bad things that come with friendship!

In loving memory,


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