Up High

March 13, 2017
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Protubing for eternity;
In Perturbable enmity;
Forever resisting gravity
Of its weight and its history.
Its voice is ever blistering,
democratic nitroglycerin.
(the melting heat of sophistry)
Beware of its consistory.

Standing high with back unbent-
Forever prideful; will not relent!
In hubris it does not believe,
Not its fault if you misperceive
This symbol that will never die
Many have been lowered for it to fly

Shining up high--a second sun!
Bask in its light, oh, everyone
Whipping in the wind like bamboo
For each new view it bends anew
Its wrapped around our mouths and hearts
The eternal statement--short and terse.

You’ve found what you seek--
    No need to speak !
silence leaves our throats free,
Left to gag on our hard-won liberty;
So proudly you wear over your eyes
Without your sight can’t balkanize
We all bleed the same color: red,
White, and blue, like what’s overhead!
Deliverance in true beauty
More than anything does for me!
I hope it coats your dreams in freedom
And bears your life in Yankeedom

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