Individual Perfection

March 12, 2017
By madieschulte BRONZE, Princeton , New Jersey
madieschulte BRONZE, Princeton , New Jersey
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Secrets masked by discrete faces
Scars from different places
The face of perfection
         will always hide true intention


No one should be able to see past cold eyes
But sometimes--there is nowhere to hide from
infinite lies


The wonderful masquerade of merriment
To hide the fear of a required predicament
It’s the face of perfection
         Will always stop confession


Fear of failure
         Fear of embarrassment
                       Fear of loneliness
ready to take root--
--they have already taken root
growing like weeds, wrapping around the voice box--
then mute


It’s the face of perfection
       always the same
but made up of individual invention


Its true purpose is not to conceal the truth
from an outsider
       but from the insider
Because once one reveals their face
another mask is there--
to take its place

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