March 9, 2017
By hezzy BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
hezzy BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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lifes like a box of crayons you may jnot be everyones favorite color but someones picture wont be complete without you

It’s funny how as time goes rolling on
You see the faces that everyone keeps putting on
Some grimace others smile
Some that make you run and scream for miles
See time is a funny thing and we spend it admiring these masks
Because at some point some are sweet
Others are the fakest person you’ll ever meet
We run out of time so fast
Almost seems like memories will never last
Looks as they slip and fade into nothing
People come into your life just to waste your time
Learn your fear
Eventually use them to force your tears
But that’s ok it won’t last
Because you’ve became stronger beneath your mask

The author's comments:

i was going through a rough time with people around me changing how they treated me and i was hurt and i wanted something to kind of show people like look you cant rely on what poeple are becasue they either leave or even sometimes if it suites them they will stab you in the back but after a while youll leanr to handel the pain becasue what doesntt kill you makes you stronger

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