March 9, 2017
By , Conway, AR

I always get this feeling
That everything's a lie,
This hate inside that kills me
It pushes me aside.

I have to go pick up my heart
Every single day,
Because you threw it on the ground
And said that’s where it stays.

My emotions are so tattered
With these terrible feelings of dread,
You push me to the ground
You said I should be dead.

You left me there alone
Said that I could never be free,
And when I tried to bring you back
You said that nobody could fix me.

I was a mess, a screwup
And I was on my own in life,
Did you know how much that hurt me?
How it made me want to die?

The words you say to me
Tell me really, do you mean it?
Because whenever you need someone
I’m always the “perfect fit”.

You try to bring me down and down
Every single day,
But now I know what’s happening
Never again will I stay.

I’ll run away happy and free
With nobody to open the tear,
And if you ever need me the most
Trust that I won be there.

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