To Say Goodbye

March 16, 2009
By Jimmy GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jimmy GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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I fear the day the day I smile

I know by now how to handle pain
but the game of happiness is a whole new level
when that blissful moment comes to an end how will I cope
and learn to loose that friend

"I'll miss you"

When your gone
and knowing you know as much as you do
will I be just another story to add to your list

I'll find a moment a moment of hate
just to hate you

just to make that goodbye

will you loose as much sleep as I will
or are you looking forward for that day to come to an end
and sleep again in your old life before you came

If it hurts this much right now to think about it
I don't want to know how much it'll hurt that day

I barley know you my friend

'Can I even call you one if that's so?

But I don't to say goodbye
I don't want to see another one go
But I guess I'll learn to say goodbye again

and I said goodbye today

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