...You Choose The Choice of A Passing Glance...

March 16, 2009
By BrokenPieces BRONZE, ..., Ohio
BrokenPieces BRONZE, ..., Ohio
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I don't want to be alone
I'm just some girl trying to find hope
Just looking for some since in people
But still I keep trying to cope

Cope with what is
Not with what will never be
There is no one out there
Who will ever be like me

I'm just some lonely girl
Tired of being alone
But sometimes what's the point
When the truth is I'm already grown

People after people
Walk me by
Not saying a single word
I tell myself it's just another lie

I don't want to admit it
But I don't want this anymore
I want life and people
And I'm tired of being a bore

I know you don't know me
Nor may ever get the chance
And sorry I never said anything
But you choose the choice of a passing glance

I may be just a loner
But one day I will get out
I will conquer what I want
Without a single pout

I'm tired and worried
Scared and Stressed
Destroyed and broken
Sad and Depressed

Stupid words
And don't call me emo
I'm just a person
That you'll never know

Unless you take
That second glance
One good look
....Another chance....

The author's comments:
People our always passing people by and never taking that second look like they should.

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