The murder

March 6, 2017
By Anonymous

Had         horrible
                                      Rage        so           she murdered
Someone        with      a piece of
Glass  And                                she felt glory after
The guy had faced death. He had
Treated her with curses                                 and forever
She smeared
                          his blood all                                                  over
His house                                                            and
screamed and                      about how
She had murdered him.
She was happy to be Free 
from how he treated                            her and how he threatened Her
                              and wanted to kill her.            
                                                        He had hurt            her for the very last Time
when he had pushed her against        the table and she had Declared
                           that she was done with how he treated her and she decided To Kill
him. She had about enough of how he treated her so she declared that
It was time to kill him. She had broke
                                  a mirror and grabbed a piece of glass
She would regret by the time it was                   over and after she had killed him. She wished
She could take it all back and start over with             him. She was going to try to bring him back
To life,                                                                                    to start over.
                                                             She feels             so bad
                                                              She should           have
                                      Told him she                Was so sorry About  Everything.

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