March 16, 2009
By Anonymous

Devotion is the color of a well-lit weight room.
It has the sound of weights banging together.
It tastes like the salty drop of sweat running down your face.
It smells like the body odor of 40 hardworking teenagers.
It looks like a puddle of sweat beneath a squat rack.
It makes me feel satisfied.

Devotion is a tinted gold practice jersey.
It sounds like coaches screaming and blowing whistles in my ear.
It tastes like the mixture of grass and dirt after being tackled to the ground.
It smells like unwashed practice gear.
Devotion looks like freshmen trying to keep up with the seniors.

Devotion is the color of blood stained game jersey.
It sounds like the school's fight song after a victory.
It tastes like a perfectly seasoned steak before the game,
and smells like concession stand food.
It looks like hundreds of fans supporting you as you walk out of the locker room.
Devotion makes me feel important.

Devotion is the fine line that separates winning from losing.

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