March 16, 2009
By Morgan Sanders BRONZE, Stanton, Michigan
Morgan Sanders BRONZE, Stanton, Michigan
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Depression is the color of a dark stormy sky.
It sounds like a girl sobbing who lost her mom
And tastes like bittersweet chocolate.
It smells like a dozen rotted roses;
It looks like a dark room.
It makes me feel tired.

Depression is gray as the sidewalk we walk on.
It sounds like silence
And tastes like a rotted apple.
It smells like nothing.
Depression looks like a sad, lost girl with no friends.
Depression makes me feel unwanted.

Depression is white with no emotion.
It sounds like friends yelling at each other.
It tastes like a bland piece of chicken
And smells like a woman's strong perfume.
It looks like a dark cloudy sky.
Depression makes me feel worthless.

Depression is the fine line between happiness and joy.

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