To Be a Woman

March 4, 2017
By , Seattle, WA

The woman stands before the man.

Strong like a bull, powerful as the sun,
he says she cannot work for him.
Girls like her can’t get the job done.
His muscular body towers over her,
Signifying the role he plays in this game.

She wants power. Freedom. No divide.

No, she’s not intelligent enough,
To be treated equally, to be equal.
They say we lie. We seek attention.
But they lie, not giving equal pay. 
They say we ask for it. When we dress
Our way, just to be -----, cat-called.
They say abortions aren’t our own rights.
They can’t know. They don’t have our body.

She wants power. Freedom.  No divide.

People riot. people protest. people try
To let Women free, to give them their rights.
Attempts have been made. Attempts did fail.
But there’s no giving up. We keep fighting
To justify our equality with the males.
Together we unite, making right the next 4 years.

She wants power. Freedom. No divide.

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