March 4, 2017
By clairerthomas GOLD, LINTHICUM HEIGHTS, Maryland
clairerthomas GOLD, LINTHICUM HEIGHTS, Maryland
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You said goodbye to your loved one and left for a party
Then made some decisions of which now you are sorry
You drank alcohol and did too many drugs and now lie on a gurney   
A story to add to your life journey
But you never made it to tell such an epic story
For your death became quite gory
They tried and tried to save your life
However you died and never managed to get a beautiful wife
You were going to have a family, with two extremely intelligent children
Geniuses who would grow up and make billions
And risked your life on that very special night
Giving everyone in your family such a fright
It was your twenty first birthday a special night indeed
A time one could consider themselves finally free
You decided to drink and drive
You and your passengers never survived
You hit another driver on a busy street
A man with a young girl in the backseat
The girl actually was able recover
Although she now nightmares about the crash one after another
Your family got the news but it was too late
They rushed to the hospital only to find a dead mate
It broke their hearts hearing their only son is now dead
You excelled in sports and always fell fast asleep in your twin bed
Alongside your dog, Buddy, your best friend
You guys played ball for hours every weekend
The night you died your dog waited by the steps
Only to find you were never going to come back home
After your death your dog looked everywhere for you
Peeking out the window every few minutes but no sign of his pal
He saw the sadness in your parents but was never able to put the pieces together
He ran away and looked for you but you were nowhere to be found
He checked the park where you guys once played
And found no one
He was then making his way home
When your fellow was only a block away from your home he was hit
He is now dead too
All because of a mistake made be you
Don’t drink and drive or others will have to pay

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