The heart that cried

March 15, 2009
By Gilary Ramirez BRONZE, Queens, New York
Gilary Ramirez BRONZE, Queens, New York
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The pretty girl with the beautiful soul
Whose heart shamed her hair with its golden glow
And with time it just seemed to grow
Such perfection, such a clear lie
Secrets in the heart do dwell
The worst we could ever tell
But untruths are so easy to sell
Her pain she could not justify

In this world there are the weak and the strong
And if your prey you won't last very long
We all dance to the tune of life's song
There is no braking free no matter how hard you try
There is the exception however
No one can truly crush the truly clever
Unwinding their webs would take forever
So it seemed as though she were sometimes shy

But hold up! Back track! This has yet to end
Don't you know the plot enjoys twisting again and again
Until you're confused, going round the bend
For you see no one ever thought to pry!
There's no blinder man than one who does not wish to see
So it was excruciatingly simple to hide her agony
There were simple clues but no mystery
So no one could see how her heart would cry

So there you have it, all yours to see
The bittersweet story, sordid history
And still all the time in the world for their more to be
The rest of her life a fantastic lie
Something in her death to rue
She couldn't help it she didn't know what to do

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