Porcelain Sinks and Tacky Curtains

March 15, 2009
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if only he could have saw the tears i shed.
The way they rolled down my face landing Into the porcelain sink below me.
How my blood shot eyes gazed back.
how My lip would quiver, the mirror mocking
every movment, every expression i made.
If only he could have heard The way
my voice echoed off my surroundings,his name forced up from my Diaphragm.
When the dogs barked at the peircing noise.
Eyes peering through there Tacky
curtains and out the window.
If only he could have saw that.
If only he could have felt
my anxiety when i read
The words "Yeah, I do "
How I pressed on the brakes,
and the ice patch below threw me into a tree.
He said "Im sorry this is what I didn't want to happen."
If only he could have thought,
just for one second that he loved me.
maybe,just maybe this wouldn't have happened.
If only,
If only,
If only.
But yet,
When have you been around to see me.To feel me.To hear me?
Why aren't you here to see me. To feel me. To hear me?
If only I knew.

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