March 15, 2009
The sky turns dark

Like a sea of fear

See the dancing pain

Its drawing near

The lightning strikes

The waters fall

Dropping like pain

That's inside of us all

The rain drops fall

On the roads and the pavement

But one little drop

Was not gonna make it

With the last of its strength

It sings out a song

Of the pain its endured

For oh so long

And it falls on a flower

Withering dry

It was going to vanquish

It was going to die

But the drop gave it strength

And soon it grew green

And inside of the bud

Was a beautiful thing

It was red with a texture

Velvet, they say

And the flower that grew

Became famous that day

They call it a rose

Because out of the blue

Came a beautiful thing

That rose up and grew

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