The Light in Life

March 15, 2009
By Anonymous

The ocean the circle the big fat tree of life
These are the things some people need
But in my opinion or thoughts or beliefs
Life is a cliff from which you must leap

In a world where mom and dad
Are sweet and dear and thoughtful words
And pain is something to be taken in threes
The thought of the jump brings some to their knees

But looking down at those falling forward
The regret of missed smiles feels so contrite
How can one miss what life can bring
Surely laughing with friends beats cautions sting

No one can know where they will land
But isn't that part of the thrill that won't end
Parachutes or cords or a rope of sheets don't exist
All that there is, is to keep moving forward
Even if you are on top of the board

With these thoughts one-thousand questions do spring
But in the end they come together to be a string
They never end and never should
Such humble beings never could and never would
So live and fall and love outright
And take the advice of one whose laughed all night

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