Our Love

March 3, 2017

He hangs over me,
Like thunderstorms hang over this town.
He has a hold of me,
Like lightning has a hold of thunder.
He rips through me,
Like that damn tornado ripped through this town.

He has degutted me through
The length of the North Atlantic Ocean.
My heart lies as cracked
As the ice caps,
Pulling apart from one and another
The ocean is my hearts pollution.

He is a constant reminder that
My heart is left unwhole.
He is my constant destructor,
He is the reason I cry at night.
Yet, I crave him.
I crave him
Like a smoker craves one more cigaret.
He is my drug.

He is my reminder,
That love is real.
That one day,
I will hold my love,
One day.

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