Tragic Times

March 3, 2017

Palms drench in sweat, Melody enters the JFK International Airport enter the plane she sits down in her positioned seat. Soon the air plane takes off and Melody relaxes more into her seat. She has never been on an airplane before.
As she looks out the window a brushless of birds pass the plane startling Melody, and then the bird get sucked into the main left engine BOOM!: The left engine gets obliterated by tones of bird feathers while bits of the wing get clipped off into the air.
The main cabin starts to make an announcement on the intercom in the airplane.
“Buzzing on”
Attention everyone we are having some technical difficulties with our left engine: we are approaching a emergency landing soon.
Melodies heart raises, her cheeks turn red and bad thoughts zoom through her mind.
Minutes later the airplane starts to waddle back and forth and slowly turning down ward in spiral position.
The front cabin tries to fix the situation, but slowly realizes This Is No More.
Finally another announcement beeps on from the main cabin.
“Attention everyone this is Flight 40012 and you have been hijacked”

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