Ode to Thought

March 2, 2017

You invision activity in a way I never could dream

You give me the will to make choices on my own

But the one thing you cannot do is be controlled


You give me the ability to grasp metaphorical expressions

You show me the only language that makes sense

Yet your only fault is your defense


The walls that you are surrounded by

Break down so easily

Makes me wonder why

You overflow with indecency


Words flow onto paper

Takes little to no time

Inhale you like a vapor

At first seems so sublime


You take me deeper into my mind than I've ever gone before

You force me to wonder of things that I wish weren't real

But you let me hold it all in, like you're made of steel


You give me the strength to continue on, oh so remarkable

No matter the disfunction, mayhem, disruption

You save me from insanity, but never the mind's corruption

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