A Dancer's Broken Dream

March 15, 2009
By PlatformbootsXOXO BRONZE, Lanexa, Virginia
PlatformbootsXOXO BRONZE, Lanexa, Virginia
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Boom Boom
Rhythms I hear inside my head
Boom Boom
The traces left of a broken thread
Boom Boom
Of grace and beauty and whirling hair
Boom Boom
With laughter, glitter, and makeup to spare

Bang Bang
Leap high, reach up far
Bang Bang
All for that one moment, to be a star
Bang Bang
Laughter, tears, a lost tap shoe
Bang Bang
The incredible moments, those tender few
Bang Bang
Focus as intense as beam
Bang Bang
All this show, for a dancer's dream

Crash Crash
Accidents happen, every day
Crash Crash
To do no damage is what we pray
Crash Crash
But sometimes, occasionally, it doesn't work out that way
Crash Crash
Grace and poise...the price we pay
Crash Crash
The seams that hold us together begin to fray

Dancing...gone...my world turned grey

Those days of life and movement

Stab me with pain
The bang,..boom..gone

Less every day

Now I watch...

The painfilled days

How much does it all mean?

A dancer's broken dream

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