March 2, 2017
By mh11716 BRONZE, Wayland, Michigan
mh11716 BRONZE, Wayland, Michigan
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Wouldn't it be cool, if life gave you a heads up?
A heads up for the future, for any pain,
For good and bad news, and what you could gain.
So it wouldn't give you hope, just to knock you down,
But instead lets you know, what you can and could have found.
Life would let you know about future relations,
So you would know about love, and what should be the expectations.
What gave life the right, to keep us in the dark?
To keep us surprised, right from the start?
It's only fair, our right to be prepared,
To avoid trouble, anxiety, and constantly being scared.
We as people, just want to know when to be ready,
So when life throws us a curveball, we can keep steady.
I always wish life had helped me out before,
To remind me to say I love you one last time, without a heart thats sore.
There's sayings in the world, that just tell you to move on,
But not everything that's said, is always agreed upon.
Taking life's lessons into the future, wherever my emotions sit,
I can look myself in the mirror, knowing I am strong, and I can handle it .

The author's comments:

My grandma inspired me to write this piece about life and handling troubles that come your way. 

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