Missing you

March 1, 2017
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As I lay in my cold and darkness place I call my room , I noticed I am depressed and afraid to move forward without you here.

I can still picture you sitting in your red chair that’s positioned in the corner of the room by your bed.I can still hear your little giggles when you're watching your tv shows.I examined how beautiful your face was. Your beautiful smile was as bright as the beaming sun.

As a child coming to your light blue house on the corner, you would stand at the door watching us approaching you. Me being excited to see you , I would run to you like a child running after the ice cream truck.

Trying to express to my mother how I am feeling about you being gone , I noticed i became quiet  staring into space, to only find warm salty tears streaming down my face.

Locking myself in my bedroom for a few days shutting everyone out , I discovered I needed to confide into someone.After feeling angry & hurt , I found the courage to talk to my best friend. I felt as if a load of bricks was lifted off my shoulders. I will always miss you Granny.

Talking is the best way to express how I am feeling or to speak about what i am going through in my life.


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