dreaming of reality?

March 15, 2009
By marikasaysss BRONZE, Oakton, Virginia
marikasaysss BRONZE, Oakton, Virginia
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I whispered goodbye with an acid tongue
You said that's why you didn't love me anymore
But you still had a million lies you hadn't even sung
I held my knees on the kitchen floor
Because three days and the phone still hadn't rung
When you bit me with false pretenses, it stung
You sucked the life out of a bitter corpse
But I was probably just a little too young
Probably yesterday I was climbing trees
When forever shivered with the leaves
Every breeze echoed promised possibilities
A little too easy, 'cause nothing is as simple as it seems
So I spoke of better days, but only in my dreams
So I didn't really care when reality woke me up to a nightmare
I just painted my nails and dyed my hair
That's when I'd fall back to sleep for a little perspective,
Or a little fresh air
In my dreams, I don't know what love means
Everyone gets tugged at their seems
That's the only way they can finally open their eyes
To inner strength or bluer skies
But reality doesn't write fairytales
So no one really knows what happens when love fails
So no one really knows what to do when they fall
But you're supposed to get up, carefully
'Cause you might wake up and you might just see

You aren't even sleeping while you're living your dreams.

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